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Marek Trizuljak  Born 07-06-1953, Bratislava, SK. After having completed artistic studies, since 1981, Marek Trizuljak built up his professional experience in painting, blowing glass, metallic and glass sculpture, photography, artistic decoration of public and civic areas; and he also published a volume of personal poetry, illustrated by his original photos. He is a member of the Union of Visual Artists of Olomouc (UVUO) and the Artistic Association Q from Brno. Marek Trizuljak participates frequently in organization of international artistic projects and exhibitions in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy and Netherlands.


Artistic education:

1968 - 1973 - Secondary Art School (Art Processing of Glass), Professor Pavel Ježek

1975 - 1981 - Academy of Visual Arts, Prague, Studio of monumental and figurative painting, Professor Arnošt Paderlík


Individual exhibitions and participation in author’s presentation projects:


1984 - Cultural Centre of Mikulov, together with Miroslava Trizuljaková (CZ)

1985 - “Train People - cycle of paintings”, Youth Gallery, Trnava (Slovakia)

1986 - “Marek Trizuljak - Paintings” Regional Cultural Centre of Nitra (SK)

1990 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak” Youth Gallery of Brno (CZ)

1991 - “Paintings” Regional Museum of Olomouc, together with Josef Šlechta (CZ)

1992 - “Four Artists from Czechoslovakia” (Miroslava Trizuljaková, Marek Trizuljak, Petr Štěpán, Pavel Šlegl), Kemptener Kunstkabinett, Kempten (Germany). (M. Trizuljak was organizer of this exhibition).

1993 - “Tre pittori Moravi - Three Moravian Painters” (Marek Trizuljak, Petr Zlamal, Pavel Hogel) Villa Widmann of Mira (Venice), expositive spaces of Forte Agip Motels in Verona and Duino (Trieste) Italy. (M. Trizuljak was organizer of this exhibition, in collaboration with the Gallery Percorsi d’Arte of Venice).

1994 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak - Conversations” Gallery Kabinet Grafiky (Galerie G) Olomouc

1994 - “Marek Trizuljak - Paintings” Gallery Bronze, Brno, (CZ)

1995 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak - Paintings” The Archbishop's Castle in Kroměříž, (CZ)

1995 - “Marek Trizuljak - Paintings, Alexander Trizuljak - Sculptures” Gallery Percorsi d'Arte, Venice (IT). (M. Trizuljak was organizer of this exhibition, in collaboration with the Gallery Percorsi d’Arte of Venice).

1997 - “Marek Trizuljak - Paintings” Gallery Percorsi d'Arte, Venice (IT)

1998 - Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak - Paintings”, Gallery Velehrad of Olomouc and Castle of Velká Bystřice, Olomouc, (CZ)

2000 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak”, Gallery Centrum Přerov (CZ)

2001 - 2002 “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak”, Gallery Patro, Olomouc (CZ)

2002 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak” Theatre Club, Theatre “Národní dům” of Prostějov, (CZ)

2002 - “Marek Trizuljak - Glass sculptures, Petr Ettler - Paintings”. Gallery of “Ledeburk” Gardens, (Gardens of the Royal Castle, Hradčany) Prague (CZ)

2002 - “Marek Trizuljak - Glass sculptures and paintings” Gallery In the Tower, Renaissance Tower of Tábor (CZ)

2003 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak - Paintings and glass objects”, Gallery AKS, Aš (CZ)

2003 - “Marek Trizuljak - Paintings - Glass - Photography”, Galerie G Olomouc (CZ)

2004 - “Glass and Architecture” (Together with brother, architect Klement Trizuljak), Gallery K.F.A., Bratislava, (SK)

2005 - “Miroslava Trizuljaková and Marek Trizuljak - Painting and glass sculptures” Gallery Hády, Brno, (CZ)

2005/2006 “Glass - Architecture - Light”, (with brother, architect Klement Trizuljak), K.GALLERY, Bratislava (SK)


M. Trizuljak:  “Gloria” - Windows in a parish church of Holy Family in Luhačovice, (CZ)



Participation in group exhibitions (selection):


1982-2003 - Participation in several group exhibitions in Prague, Bratislava, Brno, Ostrava, Opava, Havířov, Olomouc, Žilina, Šternberk, (CZ and SK)

1989 - "Katzenberger Quattember - Six artists from Bratislava”, Katzenberg: “Gallery in the church”, Sankt Pölten (AT)

1991 “Family Trizuljak” Cultural Centre of Havířov (CZ) and Považská Gallery of Contemporary Art (“Považská galéria umenia”) Žilina (SK)

1992 - "Moravian painters" Regional Cultural Centre of Sankt Pölten, (AT)

1992 - International Biennale of Spiritual Art, Archbishop’s Cultural Centre, Opole (PL)

1993 - 99 - Participation in various creative projects organized by the Gallery Kemptener Kunstkabinett, Kempten (Germany)

1995 - "Costruiamo ponti" (We build the Bridges), international exhibition and cultural project, Expositive spaces “Sala delle colonne”, Rimini (IT)

1995 - "Artistic Family Trizuljak", Gallery “Art und Weise”, Welmbüttel (Heide) Germany

1996 - “Incontro Centro Europeo” - International Triennial of Visual Arts, Galleria del Centro, Udine (IT)

1996 - "Moravian painters" Castle of Dätzingen, Grafenau (Germany)

1998 - "Central Moravian Artists", Gallery BRAK, Gallery de Tobbe and Swaensteyn House, Voorburg (NL)

1998/99 - "Without Borders", project of Czech and Slovak Artists, Gallery M.A.B., Trenčín (Slovakia) and Gallery G Olomouc (CZ) 1999 - International Czech-German exhibition - Symposium of Tepla, Esslingen, (Germany)

2001 - "The magic of unknown", Artists from Olomouc in Veenendaal, (NL)

2002 - “Rastros” Artists from Olomouc in Venezuela, Caracas

2002 - "Light and Colour (Rimini - Luce - Colore)" International artistic project, Expositive spaces “Sala delle Colonne” Rimini, (IT)

2002 - “Points of Communication” Czech - German exhibition, Galerie G, Olomouc (CZ)

2003 - “Traces of Memory” Gallery Storkower Bogen, Berlin and Katholische Akademie of Hamburg, International exhibition of Czech and German artists.

2004 - “Growing together”, Castle of Zuschendorf (Pirna), “Not only Elbe brings us together”, Castle of Pillnitz (Dresden), international exhibitions of Czech and German artists.

2004  „International Symposium in the Monastery Teplá“, exhibition of the participants in Symposium, Teplá u Mariánských Lázní (CZ)

2004 - “Olomouc - Bremen / 7 Artists from Olomouc in Bremen” (Germany) VHA GALLERY, exposition spaces ATELIERHAUS and Evangelic parish church Friedensgemeinde in Bremen.

2004 - “The city like a place for human being”. International artistic and cultural project, Gallery G Olomouc, Institute TRIALOG of Brno, Foyer of the Chamber of Deputies, Czech Parliament, Prague.

2005 - “Spaces of Memory”, International artistic symposium, Šternberk (CZ) exhibitions in Gallery Šternberk and Galerie G Olomouc

2006 - “The city like a place for human being II.” International exhibition, Institute TRIALOG, Brno (CZ)

2006 - “Czech - Danish international workshop”, the former Augustinian Monastery of Šternberk, Galerie G Olomouc, Regional Museum of Šumperk (CZ)

2006 - “The city like a place for human being III.” International exhibition on the Festival 3+1, Letovice (CZ)

2006 - “Without borders”, International exhibition, Galerie G, Olomouc




Privat and Studio:   Senička 16,   783 45 Senice na Hané (Czech Republic)  

Phone: 00420/585947023    email:


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